E-commerce UX UI: Saudinirs

Saudi Souvenirs

Problem Statement

The current Saudi souvenir market sell souvenir made in China by foreign people who don’t have a real attachment understanding of the product they making so by the end of the day we end up with product that lack uniqueness and specialness our end-user looking for. our aiming to support local Saudi artist to sell their traditional art product in a more convent way.

User Requirements


The Influencer

Affinity mapping

Business Requirements

Method we used

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Prioritization Matrix Diagram
  • Leaf Diagram
  • Layout Comparison

Design Requirements

Card Sorting

Based on our experience of when we conducted the card sorting test. We were able to produce the following sitemap that simultaneously reflects answers both the user and market needs and our goals and plans.

Site Map

User flow


Design Wireframe & Prototype



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